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I’m trying to free your mind. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it...
Hey, I'm Nikki.

I've spent years teaching myself how to manipulate free energy, quietly building out and testing this philosophy as I wandered around the world.

And I'll tell you now: it works. Once you reverse-engineer the rules of a system, you can hack it.

As my mother always told me: "Knowledge is leverage, and leverage is power." And as Archimedes once said: "Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand, and I will move the earth."

The earth and moon
I can teach you, if you like...

When I began gnawing on this intellectual chew toy nearly seven years ago, I simply wanted to solve my own existential problem. Existing solutions (religion, materialism) were riddled with logical bugs, so I built an entirely new, minimalist operating system for my mind.

But as I fell deeper down the rabbit hole, I realized just how much this solution is needed right now. People are screaming out for clarity, purpose and meaning in a world gone mad.

So here I am, sharing my operating system with you.

I made a 14-episode masterclass that will do three things:

Uninstall materialism (a buggy, bloated legacy OS) from your mind.
Rebuild your understanding of reality from first principles.
Teach you how to hack this game by manipulating free energy.

Here's the trailer...

And just to be clear: there is nothing dogmatic about this philosophy. You can take it or leave it, remix it, extend it, play with these ideas and techniques in your own life or ignore them completely.

I'm just standing here, offering you my OS if you'd like to run your mind (and, by extension, your life) on something that's a bit more modern, efficient and logically sound.

The Episodes
Episode 3: The Free Energy Principle

I'll explain what free energy is in the context of biological systems, and how you can leverage the FEP to turn your thoughts into physical see-it-smell-it-hear-it-taste-it-touch-it experiences in the game. Mastering free energy is the highest-leverage skill you can learn because, whether you realize it or not, free energy is responsible for everything that shows up in your external reality.

Episode 5: The Hero's Journey

Resistance in your consciousness creates the core game mechanic. In other words, you start the game having forgotten Who You Are (God). Then you spend the game releasing resistance and gradually remembering your own creative power. The hero's journey is a symbolic representation of this evolutionary process: venturing into chaos and transforming it back into a new, upgraded order.

Episode 7: Mapping The Journey

Materialism teaches you that actions create your physical results. This is an illusion. Actions change your neural network (beliefs), which generates free energy, which creates your physical results.

I'll teach you how to leverage this counter-intuitive principle to chart a more efficient route to your goal. You'll focus on actions that generate strategic buildups of free energy in the system, which the FEP will then minimize for you. It's the difference between using your limited rational mind to navigate chaos, or getting an omnipotent superintelligence to draw you a map.

Episode 8: Navigating The Journey

You sculpt your neural network (i.e. the input into the game) using three tools: thought, word and action. I'll teach you how to leverage effective division of labor (let the soul be the visionary CEO, let the mind be the pragmatic COO, and let the body be the workers, acting out your choices). I'll also teach you how to gradually 'scale' your consciousness as you learn to manage more and more free energy.

On a side note: free energy is a double-edged sword. If you're skilled at manipulating it, you can pull order out of chaos and perform magic. But if it gets out of control, you can end up on the wrong side of a mental illness. The line between creativity and madness is very thin.

Episode 9: Uncovering The Path (PART ONE)

The game is like a river of information, and that information is taking the most parsimonious route through mutual expectation. Once you get a feel for it, you can hitch a ride on the river's natural currents and let it take you downstream, along a hidden path, towards everything you've always wanted.

Since I assume many Gameists are free-thinking entrepreneurs, I'll teach you how to navigate this river in the context of entrepreneurship. When you understand the FEP, you'll realize that 'gaps in the market' are just untapped reservoirs of free energy that the river of information is flowing into. Hence, you can ride the river into an opportunity, suck all the free energy out of the system (i.e. saturate the market), and then move onto new frontiers. When I said the FEP seems to explain everything — from economics, to physics, to philosophy, to evolution, to cosmology, to love, to mythology, to mysticism — I wasn't kidding.

Episode 10: Uncovering The Path (PART TWO)

Gameism is a general operating system — a logical framework for you to build upon. But in this episode, I'll share the specific 'apps' I deploy in my life to optimize my long-term happiness.

And since most life advice is written by men, for men, with little regard for the biological constraints and differing value systems of women — I'll share my thinking on that topic too.

Episode 12: Overcoming Obstacles

Gameism focuses on getting your neural network into a position where it would not experience surprise if your desire were to manifest in the game. Everything that stands between your current belief system, and that evolved belief system, is resistance. And that resistance will get pushed out into symbolic form (obstacles). It's incredibly meta, but when you spar with an external obstacle, you're just sparring with an aspect of your own psyche. It's a single-player game: just you, against you.

In this episode, I'll teach you how to approach obstacles, and why everything is always rigged in your favor. I'll also explain an emergent pattern called 'decreation', and why things will 'break' and eject themselves from your life when you're shifting large amounts of free energy.


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this is it.
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The Demo

I reverse-engineered my own existence by manipulating free energy. Gameism is a demo of itself.
Alice in Wonderland-esque illustration
A mind-bending adventure

Okay, okay... you're probably still wondering if this philosophy really works. Perhaps it sounds a little too magical and grandiose... like it's out of a sci-fi or fantasy film.

Let's be upfront about one thing: it's going to take decades for the scientific establishment to acknowledge the FEP's significance, run it through their formal process, fight about it, test its predictions, etc.

So you could waste the best years of your life waiting around for their tick of approval, refusing to join myself and other gameists as we dance on the precipice of knowledge...

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Gameism is an indie project by Nikki Durkin