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The Multiplayer

To fix humanity's problems at their root cause, we have to upgrade human consciousness.
A Modern, Open Source OS

Technology is modernizing every industry in the world, yet humans are still running their minds (and, by extension, our society) on an operating system built by apes.

This is ridiculous, and trying to run increasingly powerful technologies (like artificial intelligence, autonomous weapons, etc) on a buggy, bloated, legacy OS is a great way to crash our civilization.

Blue screen of death

So here I am, gently offering an alternative solution.

Unlike religion, Gameism relies on no central authority, institution or leader telling you what to do or how to think. It is an open-source, decentralized form of spirituality — a modern solution to humanity's oldest problem.

But Gameism is not spiritual anarchy. Once you understand the source code (i.e the FEP) on a very deep level, you'll realize that love is the most powerful creative force in existence. Love is, and always has been, the answer to everything.

Sure, you can create a bunch of fun material things in the game. And you can leverage the FEP to create destruction and scarcity, if that's how you choose to experience yourself.

But the most formidable sorcerers leverage love. When you think, speak and act out of love, the gaming engine is rigged in your favor. It's not mystical - it's math.

And just to be clear: I'm not claiming to be a perfect enlightened zen angel, or a spiritual guru, or anything like that. I'm merely the engineer, and an avid user of my own OS.

I'll continue to hone my craft, develop this work, and share what I learn. But what you choose to do with Gameism is up to you.

Join The Multiplayer Mission

I oscillate between wanting to live a quiet life full of creativity and nature and children and beauty and love...

A unicorn with nature and butterflies

...and wanting to fix every-goddamn-problem in the world.

A noose and guillotine

The only way to fix every-goddamn-problem in the world is to solve them all at their root cause: consciousness.

And the only way to upgrade human consciousness is to build a better OS, then offer it to billions of people.

I completed the first part of that quest as a single-player endeavour (mind you, I could only do it by standing on the shoulders of giants whom I'd never met)...

...but distributing the OS is a massive multi-player mission.

That's where you come in.

I'd love to empower thinkers, geeks, scientists, engineers, creators, entrepreneurs, tinkerers, students, philanthropists, educators, storytellers, artists and masters of their craft to build projects on top of Gameism.

What I can contribute to the mission:

Knowledge, content, education, & tools (i.e. a well-documented core OS & supportive ecosystem).
Being Gameism's chief evangelist.

What I need help with:

Basically everything else...

Maybe you're interested in building a curriculum for children, or doing scientific research, or applying the FEP to politics, or leveraging this knowledge in a social project, or creating a meetup for gameists in your local community.

Whatever it is, I'd like to play the role of nurturer and supporter. I'll provide a raw 'starter kit' for this new way of thinking, and you apply your specific expertise to extend this knowledge and build something impactful on top of it.

Our shared mission is to upgrade human consciousness and alleviate suffering in the game. If we're all generating free energy in that direction, we can collectively create heaven on earth - magical technologies, abundant resources, incredible art, a spiritually-evolved civilization.

Like I said: the only limits to human potential are the ones we place on ourselves...

A pretty castle
Next steps

If you're diving deep into Gameism, here's how I'd approach it:

Subscribe to the Gameism mailing list so you can stay up to date as I release new content.
Read the extended edition of the proof. It will take about 2 hours, but it's essential that you uninstall materialism from your mind before loading up this new OS. Your rational ego will probably resist Gameism at first (the philosophy, by definition, is about venturing into chaos - not away from it), so the best way to calm down your ego is to feed it logic.
Read the extract from my book (i.e. my demo). This will take about 30 minutes, and can give you a more integrated perspective on how Gameism works in real life.
Watch the introductory masterclass. This is about five hours of content broken up into 14 episodes.

Oh, and just FYI, I'll turn this masterclass into a concise set of written notes at some point. I just haven't gotten around to it yet.
Start implementing what I teach you in your life. This website is just a 'minimum viable product' for Gameism, so it's only scratching the surface of this philosophy. I'll create more step-by-step instructional content and software tools to help in the process, but you should have enough to get started.
Upcoming features

Here's what I'm working on next:

Creating a step-by-step course, teaching my craft to serious gameists. I intend to make this concise and 100% practical, so its easy for busy entrepreneurs to learn.
Building software tools to help you manipulate free energy. I have tons of ideas for this, and I've hacked a few things for my own process over the years (mainly with google sheets, notion, airtable, etc). I'll basically just build a suite of tools for myself, then teach you how to use them.
Building a self-organizing, self-sustaining community around this philosophy.
Gradually editing and publishing my essays. I've written hundreds of thousands of words on the intellectual foundations of Gameism, just so I could distill my knowledge into the potent elixir you're currently consuming.
Finishing my book (i.e. the fully-featured product demo) at some point.

This is a tentative list of features I'd like to ship, but I can change the priorities based on what other gameists would find useful. So if you have feedback or feel strongly about something, let me know!

Fund This Mission

There's a big difference between doing what's comfortable and practical in the short term (i.e optimizing my life for financial security while building a solid career and nest egg)...

...and doing what's good and right for humanity in the long-term (i.e. spending years developing Gameism on my own dime, and then releasing it as a free, open-source project).

I've been working on this, unpaid, for most of my twenties. And I'm still consulting part-time to fund this project (which is perfectly enjoyable, and creates a parsimonious route for money to flow into my bank account... but it's not leveraged).

So if you'd like to financially support this mission, toss a coin my way. You can use the widget below, or click here to visit my fundraising page.

And please get in touch if you'd like to offer support in another way.

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I know of no better life purpose than to perish in attempting the great and the impossible.
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This project is dedicated to my family. They're the order in my chaos.
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Venturing into the unknown is lonely.You see something so clearly in your mind, but no one else can see it... yet. Not unless you bring it into existence. To quote Nietsche: "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."

But throughout all the ups and downs, there has been one constant in this adventure: my family. This algorithm has produced many magnificent things, but nothing as magnificent as them.

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