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When you master free energy, you can write any storyline into the game. It's not mystical. It's math.
Introducing Gameism...

Our reality is a game. But you don't control it with a joystick or a mouse. You control it with your beliefs.

When you express a belief in something beyond what your external reality tells you is true, your consciousness is venturing into chaos (the unknown). This generates 'free energy', which throws the system out of homeostasis.

The game will then self-organize to restore homeostasis, so your external reality matches your internal model of reality (i.e. your belief system). This is how creation takes place and the system evolves.

I'll walk you through an example...

The game is in homeostasis

Let's say you believe "I am poor and worthless". I have represented this belief system as a circle shape.

A diagram representing a 'circle-shaped' model of reality

Your external reality confirms that belief. You are surrounded by symbols of lack, poverty and worthlessness - toxic relationships, struggling paycheck to paycheck, a cramped apartment, no opportunities in sight.

A diagram showing a 'circle-shaped' internal model of reality, and an external reality that confirms that self-concept.

There is no gap between what you believe to be true ("I am poor and worthless"), and what your external reality tells you is true ("you are poor and worthless"). The system is in homeostasis.

You generate free energy

One day, you decide to think, speak and act differently. You begin expressing a belief in something beyond what your external reality tells you is true: "I am abundant, worthy and successful. I can make something of myself!" I have represented this new belief system as a star shape.

The gap between what you internally believe to be true ("I am abundant, worthy and successful"), and what your external reality tells you is true ("You are poor and worthless"), generates 'free energy'.

You can think of free energy as a mathematical measure of surprise. I have represented it in black.

A diagram showing a 'circle-shaped' consciousness morphing into a 'star-shaped' consciousness.

This throws the system out of homeostasis because you are no longer getting a physical experience of your own belief system.

The FEP restores homeostasis
A diagram showing two options to restore homeostasis

There are two options to restore homeostasis...


Option 1: You minimize the free energy by returning to your old disempowering belief system.

Managing free energy — especially vast amounts of it over long periods of time — is a nuanced skill that requires incredible internal conviction and self belief.

What's more, the FEP is self-reinforcing. It becomes increasingly difficult to manage free energy if you're born into a lack-based environment that trains your neural network with lack-based beliefs.

Nevertheless, most people let the world tell them who they are and what they're capable of.


However, Gameism focuses on option 2: mastering free energy. A competent gameist can generate and maintain strategic buildups of free energy in the system. The FEP will then orchestrate events in space and time to transform that chaos back into order, thereby translating their vision into physical form.

So instead of letting the world tell you who you are and what you're capable of, you decide who you are and express that version of yourself into the world. Then you watch reality distort itself to give you a physical experience of that belief system.

In our example, the game would self-organize until symbols of poverty were replaced by symbols of abundance, success and worthiness: money, opportunities, support, comfort, beauty, luxury.

The FEP is a scientific explanation for the law of attraction, which mystics have been whispering about for millennia.


If magic is pulling order out of chaos, then mastering free energy will turn you into a powerful sorcerer capable of bending reality and writing epic storylines into the game.

According to the FEP, the only limits to human potential are the ones we place on ourselves...


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The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.

Magic is just science that we don't understand yet.
Arthur C. Clarke
Arthur C. ClarkeSci-fi author, inventor & futurist
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Hey, I'm Nikki.

I've spent years teaching myself how to manipulate free energy, quietly building out and testing this philosophy as I wandered around the world.

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