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Gameism is a modern, first-principles solution to humanity's oldest existential problem: what is the meaning of life, and how should I live it?

King looking off into the distance
King looking off into the distance
The Core Concepts
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    Life Is A Game

    Life is an infinitely flexible sandbox game, and you are a player.

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    Your Mission & Toolkit

    Your mission is to create, and experience, Who You Really Are. The three tools of creation are thought / word / action.

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    The Game Mechanic

    The game is constantly generating quests / characters / props / circumstances to be used in the construction of Self. Who You Are is defined by how you think, speak and act relative to everything you encounter.

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    Choice & Consequence

    There is no right or wrong way to play the game. There is only choice and consequence. All choices have mathematical consequences that will eventually manifest in the game. What seems like karma, luck or coincidence to you, is nothing more than a computation playing out.

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    The Computation

    Gameism is a practical philosophy derived from a single, counter-intuitive insight: the source code of reality is a computation known as 'the free energy principle' (FEP). This algorithm was developed by Karl Friston — the most frequently-cited neuroscientist in the world — to explain how conscious, biological systems self-organize. But since one can deductively prove that reality is a conscious system observing itself, it seems the FEP is also powering the gaming engine of reality. The logic supporting this claim is explained after this summary.

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    The Creative Process

    When you express a belief in something beyond what your external reality tells you is true, your consciousness is venturing into chaos (the unknown). The gap between what you deeply believe to be true (e.g. "I am a successful entrepreneur") and what your external reality tells you is true (e.g. "You have $100 in your bank account") mathematically generates something called  'free energy'. This throws the system out of homeostasis.

    As you continue thinking, speaking & acting in alignment with your vision, the game will self-organize to restore homeostasis. Everything will rearrange to deliver you all the ideas, resources, people, lessons and 'coincidences' needed to translate your vision into physical form, so your external reality matches your internal model of reality (i.e. your belief system). Chaos gets transformed back into order, free energy is minimized, and the game evolves to a new set point.

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    The Game Is A Mirror

    To put it simply: reality is a mirror, reflecting yourself back at you. If you subconsciously believe "I am poor and worthless", the game will generate props, storylines, characters and circumstances to give you a physical experience of being poor and worthless. If you subconsciously believe "I have so much to be grateful for", the game will generate things to be grateful for. So if you don't like what's showing up in the game, change yourself.

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    Mastering The Game

    You can master (and 'hack') the game by learning to manipulate, rearrange, redistribute and utterly control free energy. This is a nuanced skill, but generally speaking it involves using thought / word / action to craft a version of yourself that would not experience surprise if you were to observe your desire manifesting in the game.

    For example, if you dream of becoming a millionaire, ask yourself this question: "Would I experience shock, surprise, disbelief or a 'foreign' unfamiliar feeling (e.g. worthiness) if I checked my bank account right now and my balance was over $1,000,000?" If the answer is "yes", then you've got work to do.

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    Focus On Self

    Hence, mastering the game involves mastering yourself. Masters understand that it doesn’t matter what others are being, doing, having, saying, wanting, demanding. It doesn't matter what the game is manifesting around you. It only matters what you are being in relationship to that. Always, always, always remain focused on Self.

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    Mastery Is A Process

    The game will constantly call you to create, express, and experience higher and higher aspects of yourself, grander and grander visions of yourself, ever more evolved versions of yourself. Thus, mastery is a process  —  an internal state of being  —  not a final destination. You are on a journey to nowhere.

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    Source Code
    of Reality

    We're going to reverse-engineer your existence in under a minute, with just three lines of logic. Complex problems can have remarkably simple solutions...
    First Principles

    You are reading these words right now, so you know with 100% certainty that your consciousness exists. Let's call you the observer 👁️.

    You can also observe a 3D world outside of yourself. Let's call this 3D world the observed 🏠.

    We'll now parse this information through three logic gates. Each logic gate will return a binary outcome: true or false.

    First Logic Gate
    Are the observer 👁️ and the observed 🏠 the same thing?

    This is the most fundamental question about our universe, yet scientists never bothered to ask it. Because according to the scientific method, the answer is true by default. Basic logic confirms what mystics have been saying for millennia: our reality is a "non-dual" illusion - like a dream, or a simulation.

    Second Logic Gate
    As an observer 👁️, are you a conscious system?

    You must be conscious to respond, so the answer is true. From here, we can deduce that the universe is a conscious system, observing itself.

    Final Logic Gate
    Do conscious systems self-organize according to Karl Friston's free energy principle (FEP)?

    Gameism claims the answer is true, and it does so based on the FEP's incredible explanatory power. The FEP's efficiency is breathtaking: a simple rule, a single postulate, giving rise to the exquisite complexity of our existence.


    This proof assumes the existence of nothing other than your own consciousness, which you already know with 100% certainty exists.

    It then makes a single, specific claim: conscious systems self-organize according to Karl Friston's free energy principle.

    If everything is consciousness, then a theory of everything is a theory of consciousness. So if the FEP accurately explains how conscious systems self-organize, then this simple, recursive computation is powering the gaming engine of reality.

    Gameism book

    If you're serious about learning Gameism, make sure to circle back and read the extended edition of this 3-step proof. It's an intellectual adventure that will take approximately 2 hours to read. Here's the table of contents...

    People’s thinking processes [are] too bound by convention or analogy to prior experiences. They’ll say, “We’ll do that because it’s always been done that way.” But that’s just a ridiculous way to think.
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    This place is a dream.
    Only a sleeper considers it real.
    Then death comes like dawn,
    and you wake up laughing
    at what you thought was your grief.
    Rumi13th century poet & Sulfi mystic
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    When you master free energy, you can write any storyline into the game. It's not mystical. It's math.
    Introducing Gameism...

    Our reality is a game. But you don't control it with a joystick or a mouse. You control it with your beliefs.

    When you express a belief in something beyond what your external reality tells you is true, your consciousness is venturing into chaos (the unknown). This generates 'free energy', which throws the system out of homeostasis.

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    Gameism is an indie project by Nikki Durkin