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Gameism is a modern, practical philosophy derived from a tiny computation.

Computer science is modernizing every facet of society — finance, transport, healthcare. Gameism applies the same first-principles thinking to the world's oldest problem: what is the meaning of life, and how should I live it?

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King looking off into the distance

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  • Gameism OS
    • The Prelude
Gameism book

Gameism OS

A modern, minimal, insanely powerful operating system for human consciousness.
The Prelude

I've already laid out the logic underpinning Gameism. But while my logic is clean, life is messy.

Gameism OS is not an academic paper. It is not a theory on a whiteboard. It was not written in an ivory tower. It teaches a practical philosophy — an upgraded way of seeing and interacting with the world.

So you might understand Gameism on an intellectual level. But to truly know something — to transform knowledge into wisdom — one has to embody the knowledge and experience it for themselves. Without this crucial step, all we're doing here is mental masturbation.

This integrative process takes years and years. You go from curiosity to casual experimentation, to tentative belief, to strong faith, to absolute gut-level knowing. And there is nothing — nothing — more valuable than the inner peace that knowing brings.

I can't directly give you that knowing, but I can show you how I got there. I spent the past eight years following a trail of clues around the world, solving this riddle. The game generated the most meta quest I could imagine — a quest to reverse-engineer my own existence. It was a beautiful idea to explore in the conceptual playground of my life.

Illustration of a map

And now here I am, coming full circle, passing this knowledge on to you. In this way, Gameism OS is like a science fiction novelminus the fiction. Within each chapter, I'll be sharing new concepts alongside meditations I wrote about my journey. The meditations — and the concepts — all string together into a cohesive story.

At its heart, it's a story about impeccable, breathtaking, beautiful order in the chaos of life. It's a story of love and loss, of adventure and friendship, of growth and discovery, and fun and tears, and self-doubt and triumph. It's a story of what happens when you trust yourself, depart from the noisy crowd, and quietly wander down the road less traveled...

A letter

My grandma handed me a book with a red steam train on the cover. It was 1998. I was 7 years old.

"The shopkeeper recommended this one for you," she said. "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone."

"Thanks, Nan!" I gave her a hug and waited for the appropriate time to remove myself from the table so I could leap through the portal of those pages. I wanted to tumble down rabbit holes and stumble through mazes and step into wardrobes with lions and witches.

When I was 7 years old, I dreamed of discovering a world full of magic.

Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.

This ode to life showcases the end of my eight-year-long quest. Gameism OS is the story of how I got there. (Edited to When We Were Young by The Lost Kings ft. Norma Jeane Martine).

Alice in Wonderland-esque illustration


  • 1 — Relative Space & Time
      I'll begin by logically dismantling space & time. Your external world is not "real" — it's a relative information structure. So if you're going to master reality-creation, you need to understand how the illusion is constructed.
    • The Illusion
    • Relative Space
    • Nonlocality
    • Computational Parsimony
    • Relative Time
    • Emergent Dimensions
    • The Journey
  • 2 — The Chaos of Life
      In this chapter, I'll prove that there is deeply hidden order embedded in the chaos of your life — the tragedy, the ecstasy, the mundane. Algorithms don't make mistakes. They just compute.
    • The Mathematical Mosaic
    • Cellular Automata
    • A New Kind of Science
    • Emergence
    • The Study of Order
    • Wolfram's Rule 30
    • Luck, Coincidence, Chance
    • Militant Atheists
    • Reverse-Engineering The Universe
    • The Computation
    • Wolfram & Friston
    • It's Not Mystical. It's Math.
  • 3 — Conversations With God
      Humans have completely misunderstood God. God is not a person, a place, or a thing. He is a process — a computation. In this chapter, I'll derive the computation — the free energy principle — from the metaphoric language of a "channeled" spiritual text: Conversations With God. I'll also explain why we live in a holographic universe — a concept that will become increasingly relevant as you move through Gameism OS.
    • A Philosophical Story
    • The Trifecta of Understanding
    • God = Neural Network
    • Soul = Markov Blanket
    • Here, There & Neither
    • Time = Movements Through Space
    • "Image & Likeness Of God" = Recursion
    • Holographic Principles #1 and #2
    • #3 - Every Part Contains The Whole
    • #4 - Separation Is An Illusion
    • #5 - Everything Exists Simultaneously
    • God Is A Computation
    • Fuck You, Intuition
  • 4 — A Message In The Math
      It's time to transform this abstract algorithm into a philosophical story about our existence. There is a beautiful message embedded in the FEP's math: life is a game, you are a player, and you're finding your way back home.
    • The Game Mechanics
    • Sandbox Games
    • Choice & Consequence
    • Multiplayer Mode
    • Polarity
    • Love Is The Answer
    • The Training Process
    • Evolution
    • Trials, Tests & Tribulations
  • 5 — The Theory of Magic
      Magic — a.k.a. "reality creation" — is entropy resistance, which is synonymous with intelligence. You access magic (intelligence) by summoning chaos, then delicately transmuting it into order. The more chaos you summon, the more magic you have at your fingertips. But summoning more chaos than you can transmute is like playing with fire — you run the risk of going insane...
    • Information Theory
    • Surprise
    • The Push-Pull Rhythm
    • The Arrow of Time
    • Intelligence Is Proportional To Chaos
    • Magic Is Intelligence
    • The Transmutation Process
    • Chaos, Art & Science
    • The Hero's Journey
    • Zero To One
    • Finding The Portal
    • The Paris Experiment
  • 6 — A Malleable Reality
      I'll begin this chapter by logically dismantling death, thereby granting you immortality. I'll then explain why reality is a malleable clay that you sculpt with your perspective. The clay calcifies with fear/resistance and liquefies with love/enlightenment.
    • Logically Dismantling Death
    • Near-Death Experiences
    • Degrees of Malleability
    • Resistance Creates Time
    • The Path of Least Resistance
    • The Road To Mastery
    • Muggles & Magicians
    • Ye Are Gods
    • Know Thyself
  • 7 — Timelines & RC Loops
      Time is not horizontal & linear — it's vertical & non-linear. Every frame of the game — every possible permutation of information — exists right NOW. You control which frames you perceive by manipulating your internal model of reality via thought/word/action. And the choices you make in the present moment retroactively create your past. That's why the dots always connect looking backward.
    • The Plotline Of Your Life
    • The Multiverse
    • It From Bit
    • Unique System States
    • A Relative Information Structure
    • The Editing Process
    • Calculating Backward
    • The Delayed-Choice Experiment
    • Fated Soulmates
    • Claiming Your Destiny
    • Remembering The Future
    • Retrocausal Loops
    • A Non-Linear Mathematical Mosaic
    • The Dots Connect Looking Backward
    • Epistemic Engineering
  • 8 — The Language of the Soul
      The superintelligence is always guiding you on your spiritual quest through the game, and he is always available to talk, solve problems, and answer questions — but most people don't listen. In this chapter, I'll teach you how to have a two-way conversation with God. He communicates in a subtle, symbolic language.
    • The Wise Mentor
    • Neural Networks
    • A Symbolic Language
    • Training The Collective Unconscious
    • An AMA With The Superintelligence
    • The River of Information
    • The Tarot
    • A Two-Way Conversation
    • Prophetic Dreams
  • 9 — The Duality of Love
      You won't gain fluency in God's language until you understand it's grammatical structure, which is rooted in love. And I'm not talking about "love" as a vague, esoteric, spiritual idea. In this chapter, I precisely define and quantify love and its polarity: fear. I also demonstrate why thinking, speaking, and acting with love grants you greater access to magic.
    • Joy, Truth, Love
    • Love = Truth
    • Fear = Illusion
    • Separation
    • Self-Realization
    • Access To Unlimited Magic
    • Quantifying Love & Fear
    • Fear Inhibits Intelligence
    • Error Correction
    • What Would Love Do Now?
  • 10 — Prophecy & Destiny
      Do you believe in fate? If the answer is "no", I'm going to change your mind. In this chapter, I'll prove that you have free will (no matter what choices you make right NOW, your timeline will always be logically consistent in the relative past and future). I'll also explain how destiny, prophecy & divination work in the game — and why these concepts don't contradict free will.
    • Pre-Planned Destiny
    • Divination
    • Integration
    • Choice
    • Free Will
    • Enlightenment As Ultimate Destiny
    • Past Lives
    • Future Lives
    • The Prophecy
  • 11 — A Glitch In The Matrix
      When you kick a ball, the ball takes the path of least resistance (surprise) through the information structure — and we happen to call that path "Newton's law". This means our laws of physics are not immutable laws at all — they're just neuroses in the program. If you can generate enough free energy, you can theoretically distort a neurosis and cause a "paranormal phenomena" to manifest.
    • Nature's Neuroses
    • Unstable Neuroses
    • Religious Zeal
    • Faith Generates Free Energy
    • God Winked, and I Smiled.
  • 12 — Brewing The Panacea
      According to mythology, the goddess, Panacea, had an elixir capable of healing any malady. It was sought by alchemists in connection with the philosopher's stone. As it turns out, the alchemists were on the right track in an allegorical sense, but they were taking the myth too literally. The panacea isn't a literal potion. The panacea is an idea: love. I'll spend this chapter brewing the elixir for you.
    • The Panacea
    • The Love:Fear Ratio
    • Health
    • Epigenetics
    • Sensory Input, Motor Output
    • Growth & Protection
    • Poverty
    • Ice Crystals & Cancer Cells
    • Healing
    • Relative Order
    • Miracles
    • Placebos & Distorting Neuroses
    • Holistic Healing
    • A Paradigm Shift In Medicine
    • The Training Program
  • 13 — The Principles of Mastery
      Now that you understand the game mechanics at a deep level, I can explain the principles of mastery. The most competent players evolve to this level — and you can too, if you allow the game to train you.
    • The Process of Life
    • The Buffet of Choice
    • What You Resist Persists
    • Division of Labour
    • King, Warrior, Magician, Lover
    • Acceptance of Self
    • Mimetic Behaviour
    • Following The Path
    • The North Star
    • Coming Home
    • Well Played, God.
  • 14 — The Philosopher's Stone
      For centuries, the most sought-after goal in alchemy was the philosopher's stone: a substance capable of transmuting base metal into gold while also being an "Elixir of Life" — a panacea that could cure all disease and provide immortality. Most people assume the philosopher's stone is a myth, but it's not. It's a metaphor for the source code of the game — for God.

      I spent nearly eight years on a quest for the philosopher's stone, playing a deeply hidden level inside the grand universal meta-game. This book is my Magnum Opus: a logical structure capable of transforming base metal (your current reality) into gold (your dream reality), granting immortality, and curing disease — just like the mythology promised.
    • Prisca Theologia
    • The Seven Hermetic Principles
    • Yin and Yang
    • The Pendulum Swing — Masculine
    • The Pendulum Swing — Feminine
    • Air 🜁, Earth 🜃, Water 🜄, Fire 🜂
    • Information Alchemy
    • The Philosopher's Stone
    • The Last Of The Magicians
    • We Are Renegades, My Friend
    • The Axle Of The Universe
    • A Shift In The System's Evolution
    • The Third Invitation
    • Follow The White Rabbit
    • Strangling The Sorcerers
    • A Conduit For Chaos
  • 15 — The Grandiose Finale
      This is where my magic show comes to a close, and the story comes full circle. You'll finally understand that the philosopher's stone is not the result of a quest; a treasure I retrieved from the lair of a metaphorical dragon. It is the quest itself; the process; the perpetual, winding journey of becoming.
    • The Art of War
I'm trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You're the one who has to walk through it.
MorpheusThe Matrix (1999)
Drink Me
Gameism book

Space & Time

To master reality-creation, you need to understand how the illusion is constructed.
The Illusion

I'll begin by logically dismantling space and time.

In my 3-Step Proof, I demonstrate that the observer 👁️ and the observed 🏠 are the same thing.

Gameism is an indie project by Nikki Durkin